Wednesday, October 25, 2006



This special edition is limited to 1000 copies. 750 copies were made available for acquisition in the US. Although, after the San Jose exhibition and convention there are only about250 copies remaining in the US. We will not be reprinting this book in its deluxe format… nuff warning.

Book 1: a limited 2 volume edition of 1000 numbered copies in a unifying case. 240+ pages which extensively documents all 33 back pieces from start to finish, with photos by Max Dolberg and NSK, an exclusive essay by the Master Horiyoshi III and introductory text by adrian Lee.

Book 2: a 78 page collection of recent tattoos by members of the Kolectiv and various insider photos of their general happenings. Book 2 also houses the film on DVD.

The film: shot and produced by N’Dalo Silveria is intended to draw the viewer further into the process with extensive interviews of the tattooers, tattooees and the process.

Mailing Case: any and all orders direct from the website the come with an additional custom stenciled case.

Cost: $150 plus shipping.

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