Tuesday, October 24, 2006



We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks everyone who attended the Full Coverage exhibition!

Your presence helped make the event a great success. Don’t think that we’ve ever seen that many people try and cram into a gallery before. Would also like to thank everyone for understanding the photo policy and for showing such deference to the collectors who disrobed before the crowd.

If you’d like to see some photos from the exhibition you can visit Flickr where Gallery A.D has posted a few images from the evening. You can also find some info over at the Needled website. The San Jose Mercury News (not withstanding what they did to Gary Webb) posted some info on their site as well as a video clip from the evening. In addition, The Metro also wrote up something.

One more big thanks to everyone who purchased a copy of the Full Coverage box set at the exhibition and/or convention in San Jose. We’re now all that much closer to compensating the printers.

What’s next? The Full Coverage exhibition is going on a multi city tour. First up is Tampa, FL. This event will be held at Phil Holt’s gallery and tattoo workspace Redletter1 on Saturday, Dec 2, 2006. If you weren’t able to attend the San Jose event because of great distances, i.e. you’re living on the east coast or something, this is an opportunity to see Full Coverage up on the walls.

Thanks again for all your support!


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