Tuesday, August 8, 2006



Our apologies for not being consistent with the flow of information, but as of recent we have been overwhelmed with the Full Coverage project. Which is the main reason we have been behind on general updates, but after several years of hard work we are excited to announce that, as of April 06, Phase 2 of Full Coverage is finally completed. Phase 2 being the main thrust of the undertaking and documenting each individual’s back piece. All told 33 back pieces were finished for the project.

Since then we have also successfully completed Phase 3: Photographing the completed images. This was done over a two day period in May, morning till night, with day two cumulating in a relatively successful group shot and plenty of drunken debauchery afterwards.

Currently we are trudging through Phase 4: Designing the book and editing the film… This process has really been testing our endurance as it has been wrought with unexpected dilemmas, which we have tried our best to turn into creative opportunities. With luck the two volume book and film will be completed and available at the October exhibition.

The exhibition will be held at Anno Domin in our base city San Jose on October 19, 2006. This exhibition is scheduled to occur in conjunction with the San Jose Convention of the Tattoo Arts October 20-12-22.

Aside from coming updates to the website you are welcome to visit the site of NSK in house photographer Max Dolberg for a selection of photos taken during the Full Coverage project.

Thanks for your continued support.


Full Coverage__

Phase 1: Conception & Drawing

Phase 2: Tattooing & Photo Documentaion

Phase 3: Photographing Completed Images

Phase 4: Book Design & Film Editing

Phase 5: Exhibition & Book Release