Monday, September 25, 2006



So close… Here’s where we are at.

We just finished numbering for the Full Coverage book… all 1000. From here they go back to the printer for binding. More good news, we tracked down a faster boat to bring the books across the Pacific. One of those really fast ones with all the cocaine aboard… no not really. We did find a faster freighter to ensure the books get here in time for release at the exhibit on Oct 19th.

Cost? All told the limited edition, hardcover, 2 volume book and DVD will retail for $150.00

Pre-order? Sorry but no. We have too much on our plates at the moment and cant make time to process orders. It will, if all goes as planned, be available at the coming Full Coverage reception at A.D Gallery.

Low numbered copy? First come, first serve.

Prints? Currently we are outputting all the images. There will be over 300, signed & numbered, limited edition prints available at the exhibition. All Full Coverage prints are being made using state of the art, pigment based archival inks on heavy weight, cotton-fiber papers. With proper handling and care they should last over 100 years. All prints in the exhibition are available is sizes ranging from 4×6 inches to 24×40 inches. Each image will be limited to 25 prints of any size.

Check out the website to see a clip from the film produced for the Full Coverage project.

Thanks again for your support.