Tuesday, December 19, 2006



Recently we returned from the Full Coverage exhibition in Tampa, FL hosted at Phil Holt’s studio Redletter1. All of the prints fit well in this beautiful workspace and Phil, Angelo, and Jeff made a great effort to make the event a success (its unfortunate that they will be forced to shut their doors soon, godspeed on their future paths).

A great time had by all with minimal injury to us or any civilians. In Fact, we may have celebrated a little too much but will leave that up to you to decide. If you would like to see images from FC in Tampa please visit this link.

Next up is FC in Osaka Feb 2, 2007!!

Hope the new year bodes well for everyone!

Keep your eyes on the road.


Thursday, November 30, 2006



If you’re so inclined… please join us at the Tampa Full Coverage exhibition on Sat. Dec 2nd at Redletter1. Reception will be held from 8pm to 11pm with many of the participating tattooers in attendance opening night. This event is also the release of the last remaining U.S. copies of Full Coverage.

At 11pm begins an after party at Crowbar located on the corner of 17th St. and 8th Ave… 2 blocks from the gallery. We are happy to have Light Yourself On Fire and Holy Mountain playing live starting at 11pm. Club entrance is free for those who attend the “Full Coverage” opening!!

Hope to see you.



1510 e. 8th ave

Tampa, FL 33605

Saturday, November 25, 2006



Full Coverage has sold out in one month!! Meaning we don't have anymore copies in house. We would like to extend a deep thank you to everyone who acquired a copy of this book. It was a lot of work to get here and therefore it was extremely gratifying to receive so much support. Without all of your backing these projects would hardly be possible.

If you haven't come upon a copy, not to fret, you can still find a few out there. The following is a list of places we know have still have some copies.

-Lucky's Tattoo Supply
-Pulse International
-Last Gasp
-We've seen a few on eBay too...

There are a few copies to be released at the Tampa Full Coverage Exhibition on Dec 2, 2006. In addition there are some copies in Japan waiting to be released during the February 07 Full Coverage exhibition in Osaka.
Thank you once again for your continued support.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006



This special edition is limited to 1000 copies. 750 copies were made available for acquisition in the US. Although, after the San Jose exhibition and convention there are only about250 copies remaining in the US. We will not be reprinting this book in its deluxe format… nuff warning.

Book 1: a limited 2 volume edition of 1000 numbered copies in a unifying case. 240+ pages which extensively documents all 33 back pieces from start to finish, with photos by Max Dolberg and NSK, an exclusive essay by the Master Horiyoshi III and introductory text by adrian Lee.

Book 2: a 78 page collection of recent tattoos by members of the Kolectiv and various insider photos of their general happenings. Book 2 also houses the film on DVD.

The film: shot and produced by N’Dalo Silveria is intended to draw the viewer further into the process with extensive interviews of the tattooers, tattooees and the process.

Mailing Case: any and all orders direct from the website the come with an additional custom stenciled case.

Cost: $150 plus shipping.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006



We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks everyone who attended the Full Coverage exhibition!

Your presence helped make the event a great success. Don’t think that we’ve ever seen that many people try and cram into a gallery before. Would also like to thank everyone for understanding the photo policy and for showing such deference to the collectors who disrobed before the crowd.

If you’d like to see some photos from the exhibition you can visit Flickr where Gallery A.D has posted a few images from the evening. You can also find some info over at the Needled website. The San Jose Mercury News (not withstanding what they did to Gary Webb) posted some info on their site as well as a video clip from the evening. In addition, The Metro also wrote up something.

One more big thanks to everyone who purchased a copy of the Full Coverage box set at the exhibition and/or convention in San Jose. We’re now all that much closer to compensating the printers.

What’s next? The Full Coverage exhibition is going on a multi city tour. First up is Tampa, FL. This event will be held at Phil Holt’s gallery and tattoo workspace Redletter1 on Saturday, Dec 2, 2006. If you weren’t able to attend the San Jose event because of great distances, i.e. you’re living on the east coast or something, this is an opportunity to see Full Coverage up on the walls.

Thanks again for all your support!


Sunday, October 15, 2006



Dig this… the shipment of Full Coverage books arrives. Seven pallets of boxes showed up and were unloaded in the street. We started bringing the boxes inside. Of course excitement was high so we opened one of the boxes and it was full of… backpacks… with little IBM logos on them… 188 cases of them… no shit.

So where are the books? Oakland, London, Zimbabwe? Was a tense few days but fortunately the shipment was located and promptly drop shipped… again. Long story short, we got the books!!!

Just started stenciling images onto all of the custom boxes. Kind of tedious but makes the package all the better. The extra box will be available to anyone who acquires copies at the exhibition or via the web. Will be able to release the first copies at the exhibition on Oct19. Plan to release on the web on or around the Oct 24 (heads up to low number hunters).

Also are busy installing all the photos (1.. ..2.. ..3) for the exhibition on Thursday. So far so good, about halfway there. Just a few days away… hope to see many of you there.

As always, thank you for the backing.



OCT 19 2006


366 S. 1ST ST. map
SAN JOSE, CA 95113


OCT 20-21-22
180 PARK AVE. map
SJ,CA 95113


SJ,CA 95112 map


Monday, September 25, 2006



So close… Here’s where we are at.

We just finished numbering for the Full Coverage book… all 1000. From here they go back to the printer for binding. More good news, we tracked down a faster boat to bring the books across the Pacific. One of those really fast ones with all the cocaine aboard… no not really. We did find a faster freighter to ensure the books get here in time for release at the exhibit on Oct 19th.

Cost? All told the limited edition, hardcover, 2 volume book and DVD will retail for $150.00

Pre-order? Sorry but no. We have too much on our plates at the moment and cant make time to process orders. It will, if all goes as planned, be available at the coming Full Coverage reception at A.D Gallery.

Low numbered copy? First come, first serve.

Prints? Currently we are outputting all the images. There will be over 300, signed & numbered, limited edition prints available at the exhibition. All Full Coverage prints are being made using state of the art, pigment based archival inks on heavy weight, cotton-fiber papers. With proper handling and care they should last over 100 years. All prints in the exhibition are available is sizes ranging from 4×6 inches to 24×40 inches. Each image will be limited to 25 prints of any size.

Check out the website to see a clip from the film produced for the Full Coverage project.

Thanks again for your support.